Task Force One, Inc.

Task Force One (TF1) is an accomplished Consulting Firm that provides highly experienced professionals and very competitive billing rates to clients requiring special support services. In addition to our consulting service, the TF1 team has developed innovative programs designed to successfully plan and implement a broad spectrum of projects. Our programs are flexible and enable our consultants to create precise plans and budgets and assess performance and cost compliance at any stage of the project. TF1’s background and the multifaceted range of services we provide are outlined below.

  • Company Overview
  • Professional Services
  • Project Experience
  • Contracts & Incentives
  • Cost & Scheduling
  • Technology & Administrative
  • Project Control

TF1 is recognized as a distinguished consulting firm because we move beyond the mere supply of personnel – our hands on experience enables TF1 to thoroughly understand the client’s needs and provide the most specialized service with the most competitive cost.


Construction Management
TF1 provides full spectrum of construction mgt services
Project Management
TF1 provides the full spectrum of project mgmt services
Employment Opportunities
TF1 employees have a reputation for maximizing their potential